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Welcome to Our Website

Thank you for visiting our Website. We appreciate your business. We provide to world market with Natural and Engineered Stone products.

Since the beginning of the history, natural stones have become most important way to bring information about the civilisations lived on Earth and also keep our wonders alive like it gives a life to history. Like a sculpture who gives a spirit to the stone with his touch, also SEZER STONE TRADING brings the natural stones to your life with skill and ingenuity.

Our experience in stone business starts with STONE CASTLE INC. I established STONE CASTLE INC in Brooklyn, NY at the end of 2001. As a trader company, STONE CASTLE INC has served to USA market till end of 2009. By the beginning of 2010, I dissolute STONE CASTLE INC and came back to Turkey and established SEZER STONE TRADING to serve to the world stone market. Since then, we are providing Turkish Natural Stones to mainly USA market, Mideast, India and Europe.

Why Choose Us


Within 16 years of experience in stone business, we learned how to deal with the nature itself. Nature is presenting us the infinite opportunities to taste its beauty. All we do is to bring it to daylight with professional touch of skill and ingenuity. Our magic is hidden in our process of fully understanding and accurately describing of our customer requirements. And it is followed by well managed ordering process. In every stage of this process we are working with the professionals and we share all the information with our valued customers in a timely manner. Besides of providing you with the best quality products we know how important is the timing issue, specially on your projects. Additionally to all those practices, we work hard to follow up the innovations in our market and bring them to our valued customers view.

As SEZER STONE TRADING, our best advertisement is our satisfied customers. Be one of them.......

  • We will provide you with full service for your projects
  • We will provide with the best available quality products
  • We will guarantee you the timely service